Interpreter for the Push programming language

Elixush takes advantage of Elixir and OTP to run evolved programs across multiple nodes in a cluster. It was built as an independent study for Computational Intelligence Laboratory, which researches artificial intelligence and genetic programming.



Bringing the Hampshire archives to life

For this hackathon project, my team and I gathered the existing Hampshire College archives into one database and did data analysis on the resulting corpus. The site lets the user easily access and search through the database.


Defcon One

Web application built with NodeJS

I built this site as a proof of concept to help people who struggle with psychological disorders send messages and get in touch with friends, family, and hotlines through the touch of a button. It was my first major web project, built with node.js, express, and Bootstrap. I also released a mobile version of the site and an iPhone app for it.



Tools to help with DevOps work

I created Cumulus, a command-line tool for injecting CoreOS cloud-configs into AWS Cloud Formation templates.

I've also published several Docker images:

  • Telegraf, when there was no official image
  • Redis, when there was no official slim Redis image
  • Postgres, which is slimmer than the original Postgres image
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Infrastructure for Uncommon, the internet's front porch

I work on DevOps for Uncommon as a side project, which includes moving the project's infrastructure over to Docker, experimenting with AWS, and implementing a new continuous integration system.